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Wellingbaum is eternal!

Michael was interviewed in a new podcast today! Nice detailed interview and there was Tom-talk:

On working with Tom:: "We worked together. We wanted to help each other out. I made a joke. I said: "Listen, Man. If we’re going to make it on this show, if it’s going to be a big success, there’s only room for one ego….and that’s me.” (laughs) We both laughed. And you know, from then on, I think we had one little tiff that lasted two seconds. We never fought. We got along.”

On making scenes work:: "Tom was a good leader and we got along really well…I think the great thing was, we really got a kick out of each other. I made him laugh, every day. …if a scene wasn’t working, I’d say to the director "let’s take five, let’s figure it out." So would Tom. Tom would say: "This isn’t working, man. I feel stupid." And then we’d talk about it and get it right and then we’d make it work."

Source: http://comicbookcentral.net/comic-book-central-episode-2-michael-rosenbaum

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