tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Happy Birthday & Happy New Year

Happy Birthdays to beet and miss_tress! Hope you've both had fun days.

Michael celebrated New Year's, as in past years, at Disney World. Photo by his friend Greg Coolidge.
 photo Bc4bRlnIYAA7xky_zps5b611bfd.jpg

Are they all friends? All dating each other? WHO CAN TELL!
 photo eb1a4a0c71de11e398ad0e0c6d9566fd_8_zps249485b1.jpg

Maybe it was a five-person date? I like Michael's shirt but it would have been fun if he'd gone with the crowd & worn a black bustier too!
 photo 16307bc6729d11e38f5c0e538b03d2c0_8_zps5c964c33.jpg

Greg seems to have achieved close-buddy status quickly! Here's Michael at his B-Day party.
 photo 569aeff8704911e3934d1294553a9b9f_8_zpsa903c2ea.jpg
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