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Clex and Michael MegaPost!

The Clexmas stories are all posted! Here's the one I wrote: The Wake-up Call

And here's the awesome story that was written for me by ladyoneill Hand Holding

Michael almost wrote his own fanfic in response to a fan question. (He & I would marry Tom for the same reasons!) 'cap by tariel22
 photo mr1_zpsc0e3ae30.jpg

There have been so many photos & interviews with Michael lately, it's hard to keep up with the bounty! A sampling behind the cut:
 photo cd677d7a275d11e3984322000a1fcb7e_7_zpsa1799aa7.jpg

I mean, come on.
 photo BejznceCEAAZH5T_zps84620ddd.jpg

This guy didn't have anyone to sit with at the BITD premiere so Michael sat with him.
 photo BeTYOsUCcAEOUza_zps5f857c5d.jpg

Sexy & stubbly at Sundance:
 photo BeUnVVACMAIgNUA_zps1a928ac6.jpg

I'm taking this as a "yes".
 photo mr2_zpsf32bec46.jpg

In a recent interview, Michael said his crush on Andie McDowell gets stronger every year. I ship it.
 photo BeWwLnMCEAAe8mN_zps107e59ba.jpg

Crouching adorably at the charity hockey game.
 photo BeYEW0RCIAAeuH__zps9659feeb.jpg

Another charity game in LA!
 photo stadium-series-alumni-ds-3364_zps3be9b814.jpg

Love the jersey!
 photo 3_zpsd68e10cb.jpg
 photo 2_zpsd467a96f.jpg

Hanging with hockey bud David Boreanaz
 photo 1_zps6280b346.jpg

Thanks to tariel22 for hooking me up with many of the photos!
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