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Michael loves Tom....and Whitney!

It's not surprising for Michael to give Tom a shout-out in an interview but recently he gave Eric Johnson (Whitney) some love as well!
 photo clex2_zpse7604310.jpg

Before Michael went on the "Up at Noon" show on IGN, Eric tweeted him!
 photo ej1_zps3283c46f.jpg

Noticing Eric's photo on the set, Michael said: "This guy was great! He and I wrote a song together but we never finished it. Eric's a good guy."

Eric also tweeted a question for Michael! (The answer is Yes, he still has the van.)
 photo ej2_zps7f5585cc.jpg

Tom got love too!

Host: “Do you think you could do a “buddy cop” movie with Tom Welling?”

Michael: “That would be hilarious! At least, a “funny or die” sketch…”
 photo GG2_zps4103be61.jpg

There was a Superman statue on set. Michael talked to it.

Michael (to Superman): “What are you doing here? Turn your head when you’re talking to me!”

Host: “Some bad blood here?”

Michael: “Yeah, bad blood.” (to Superman) “In fact…get on my lap!”

 photo gg1_zps391aa37f.jpg

 photo clex1_zps48183ef8.jpg

Link: http://ca.ign.com/videos/2014/02/03/lex-luthor-and-minecraft-collide-up-at-noon
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