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Michael in Space! [Mar. 5th, 2014|09:40 pm]
Michael has a new show in which he plays an astronaut (in 1962!)

A workplace ensemble set in 1962, Mission Control examines what happens when a strong woman (Ritter) butts heads with a macho astronaut in the race to land on the moon. Rosenbaum will play Bus, a handsome, jockish, stubborn and loudly likeable NASA astronaut.

Sounds good and I think Michael will look amazing in NASA gear!

Meanwhile, we are so very tired of winter!
 photo 1_zpse6f02fc0.jpg

[User Picture]From: jlvsclrk
2014-03-06 11:11 am (UTC)
Can't wait!
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[User Picture]From: tasabian
2014-03-07 01:39 am (UTC)
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