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Meeting Allison - tasabian [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Meeting Allison [Mar. 8th, 2014|07:20 pm]
March is often a good time to meet SV people in Toronto: last year - Laura & Erica; the year before, Aaron. This year: Allison!
 photo 1_zps39be62d3.jpg

She's here for a convention this weekend - but the only time I was free to go was on Friday night. Luckily, that was when her panel was scheduled. It was a very last minute decision to go so I ended up bringing what firebunny correctly calls "the butt picture" to be signed, ie it shows Tom & AM more from the side. But I still like it and I didn't have time to get something else printed.

At the Chicago Con last year, AM had constant long lines. Last night, when I arrived at 5:15, the Con floor was still very quiet and she had no line-up at all. She admired my Supes sweater and said she's a knitter. I told her I especially enjoyed "Warrior" (one of the SV eps she directed); She said she thought directing the second time was just as hard as the first but she does want to do it again. She also asked if I watch Beauty & the Beast (Loyalty to KK!) but I had to confess I do not.

As she signed the photo she said "There are a lot of photos of me gazing adoringly at Tom Welling. He's a wonderful man."
 photo am_zpsccc53e69.jpg

There was still no one behind me in line and I wasn't sure whether to stay (so she'd look in demand) or leave (not wanting to take up too much time.) I opted for "leave." A couple of young guys were admiring at her from a distance & asked if they should get an autograph. I said this would be the best time, as she was bound to be busy later.

 photo 2_zpscbc91af4.jpg

Allison's panel was laid back and fun. No mike to come up to - everyone just called out questions and there weren't really any flinch-inducing questions. I audio-taped the panel - here are a few quotes.

On directing episodes of Smallville:

Allison mentioned the producers approached her to direct:

"I'm opinionated and loud and I like to tell the boys I know what's up even when I don't so I kinda conned my way into the job."

"Tom directed a lot and he was a great director so I asked him a lot of questions."

Advice to aspiring directors.

"Don't use dickhead momentum! Sometimes you get stuck in your own opinion and forget you don't know everything."

On John Glover

"He's the best villain but he's one of my besties so I can't take him seriously being a bad guy!"

"My favourite actor to work with...I think, John Glover. He became my mentor in a lot of ways."

Michael, Justin and Tom's sense of humour

"Michael was sort of notorious - I don't know if you guys have ever seen him at a convention or anything like that? - he's so much fun. He's so much fun. I love him. And he was ridiculous and would do ridiculous things on a regular basis."

When Michael left the show, Justin kinda slipped in nicely...he's got a great sense of humour. Different kind of sense of humour than Michael but super super funny. They were the two jokesters.

Tom was very funny but Tom was very focused. He had to be. He was in every single scene so he kept things pretty consistent. Between Michael and Justin, the set was always exciting."

Fan asks why Kristin left the show:

"Lana Lang was a beautiful character but she wasn't necessarily as complex as Kristin herself is. There were things she wanted to pursue that were beyond that character."

On being starstruck:
Allison talks about being excited to meet Susan Sarandon on a red carpet, then adds: "But you know, I made a fool of myself in front of Tom Welling at least once a week so it may just be part of my personality."

On Chloe/Oliver:
"The relationship of Chloe Sullivan and Oliver Queen was never intended to exist until "Charade". There was a scene outside a cafe where Oliver Queen and I were having a conversation and I tell him I saved him and there was a lot of chemistry. It worked in a way that they weren't expecting."

On Kristin and Erica:
"Kristin is one of my closest friends. She's like my sister. We travel together every year and spend a lot of time together. Erica and I aren't as close but Kristin is very close to Erica so I stay in touch with her through the "Kristin Kreuk channel!""

Fan asks: did you ever imagine Chloe's storyline going in a different direction?

"Every season, I was hoping I wouldn't be killed. Sam Jones and I were always like "You kept your eyes open when they pushed you to the ground, right?" "They can't kill you if you keep your eyes open!" "I kept my eyes open!" "Okay, we're back next season!"

"There was talk of me being Lois Lane at some point and sort of spinning into that then that didn't happen. You know, there was talk of a lot of different things: me becoming more of the villain. I kinda danced with the Luthors for a little while, there was talk of that kinda going further. I like where I ended up; I'm super-proud of that character."

A recent audition
"I auditioned for another show today that's a sci-fi show, about a girl who has super-power and does all kind of wacky stuff so I wanted to send them some clips from SV: "See, I can do it. I've done it before!"

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2014-03-09 03:55 am (UTC)
Thanks so much! I'm glad there are people who still want to hear about SV :)

I'm so glad to hear that AM looks back on her Smallville years so fondly, and of course I especially love everything she said about Tom.
It's nice to hear him praised, as he keeps so quiet himself! I was waffling about whether to get an autograph as I wasn't sure about my picture choice but am glad I went up after all. Will probably never see her without a big line-up again.

Fascinating quotes from Allison. I like how many of the stars have opened up even more about what was happening behind the scenes as they've gained some distance from the show.
For the younger cast, SV accounts for a third of their lives almost...One quote I didn't include above was the inevitable fanboy asking why Tom didn't wear the tights. AM: "That was part of our mandate. We were a no flights/no tights show."

I'm going to try and post the audio of the panel on tumblr tomorrow - will tweet you the link.
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