tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

What will happen in the Supernatural finale?

I have found this season a bit of a plod. Too much standing around talking, not enough action. But something exciting is supposed to happen in the finale.

Jared, Jensen and Misha all say the last minute is incredibly shocking.

- Following the Cain & Abel template, does an increasingly ragey Dean kill Sam or does Sam kill Dean to stop him killing someone else? Earlier in the season, Sam said he wouldn't keep Dean alive at all costs (as Dean did to him.) Was this foreshadowing?

- In the last episode, Castiel refused to kill Dean because he loves humanity. Will he kill Dean to protect humanity? (ie Sam?)

- Since Jensen is obviously not leaving a show, does he temporarily become a demon? Will we get to see Jensen's Mark Sheppard impression at the start of S10?

(I'm quite enjoying rage!Dean so wouldn't mind a few eps of Jensen running wild!)

What do you think will happen (or want to see) in the finale?.

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