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Michael, Tom and Hallowe'en! [Nov. 1st, 2014|06:57 pm]
Happy birthday to ariss_tenoh and happy belated birthday to lexophilia! Hope you both had amazing days!

October is my busiest work month of the year. I have not been eating well or sleeping enough. In fact, I ate so many burritos for lunch this month, the owner of the shop presented me with a free t-shirt! So November is about getting back to a normal routine & catching up on sleep. And also catching up on My Boys!

Tom is filming "The Choice" in South Carolina and likes the local ghost tour so much he's come back twice! Cutie.
 photo tw_zps9fdbb175.jpg

Michael in the Batmobile at Awesome Con...
 photo BzMlOJ1CAAE7PjS_zps6ad16203.jpg

Adorably rumpled at his Alma Mater, WKU.
 photo BzW_xFICQAENl5e_zps24b01604.jpg

Taking in a haunted house with his bevy of boyfriends!
 photo B0K1B4PCQAAFN9s_zps738471fc.jpg

Four episodes in to Supernatural, here are my conclusions:
1) I like Hannah and her one sensible outfit.
2) I wish Castiel had more scenes with Sam and/or Dean. Tired of Heaven plot.
3) I hope Demon Dean is dormant and comes back with a bang
4) Metatron's one scene was magnificently creepy.
5) The actor that played Cole was very good but about 15 years too old for the role.
6) I CANNOT WAIT for the musical episode.

I had to stare at this photo for a few seconds before I got it...Misha's "Blue Steel + Bow Legs" win the day.
 photo B1X3xwrCEAAX5fj_zps30c06a1a.jpg
October started out beautiful...
 photo Oct001_zps21d0bb4f.jpg
 photo Oct009_zpsef7de74a.jpg
 photo Oct003_zps6efe4524.jpg
 photo Oct007_zpsc48cf6fc.jpg
But this year the scariest part of Hallowe'en was the snow!
 photo Oct015_zpse5f71081.jpg photo Oct018_zpsd30f8b22.jpg
My neighbours really go all out!
 photo Oct016_zpscf5d64ef.jpg

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2014-11-02 11:28 pm (UTC)
I've only recently begun to understand the importance of sleep. I'm a new fan.
Last night was great because: EXTRA HOUR!

I give props where props are due and the J2 and Misha's switch up is perfect!
They should just go all the way and do a Dean/Sam/Cas body-swap episode

Look at Michael the belle of the ball with all his male suitors!
He took his Boys to the haunted house and his Girls to Hall and Oates, the little social butterfly!

Look at Tom! He looks so good. I'm hoping he took the ghost tour twice because he's coming up with producing ideas. Maybe he'll do a ghost show for the CW
Ooh, I would love that! SPN doesn't do ghosts very well IMO - has made them sad rather than scary. Would be so there for Tom, the paranormal investigator.
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