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Happy Birthday lapetite_kiki: Clex Fic!

Happy Birthday to lapetite_kiki ! I wrote a little fic based on your most recent Clex artwork, which I loved!

Title: Morning Star
Pairing: Clex
Word Count: 310

Lex falls asleep on the couch, waiting for Clark to come home.

He wakes up in the air, the breeze tickling his face.

"Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise," whispers Clark. "You don't have to wake up yet if you don't want to."

Lex closes his eyes, rests his head against Clark's shoulder but he doesn't sleep. He listens as the sounds of the city recede, replaced by birds, rippling water, wind blowing through pine trees.

They make a soft landing and Lex feels a tiny whirlwind around him which is Clark using his speed.

"You can open your eyes now."

They're in a clearing, in the woods. Clark is wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, his "off the clock" uniform. There's a striped blanket lying on the grass behind him. Clark flops down on the blanket, pushes the hair out of his eyes and smiles up at Lex.

Lex lies down next to him:

"When did you last sleep?"

Clark frowns, trying to remember.

"I don't know…the last time I was in bed with you?"

"That's nearly a week," Lex says sternly.

Clark rolls onto his side, kisses Lex's neck:

"And when did you last eat?"

Lex says:

"When you flew by LexCorp with bagels…"

"I thought so," says Clark. He pats Lex's stomach. "Thirty six hours ago."

"I don't feel hungry," says Lex, though now he thinks about it, he is.

"I brought lunch," says Clark, gesturing proudly at the picnic basket next to the blanket.

"Nap for you first," says Lex.

Clark yawns.


The sun comes out from behind a cloud. Clark basks in the light. He stretches; curls and uncurls his fingers like a huge cat. He yawns again, loops his arm through Lex's arm and says:

"Wake me up when you get hungry, okay?"

"I will," says Lex. "Now sleep. I'll keep watch."

But Clark is already asleep, spread out in the sun like a fallen star, his hand warm in Lex's.
Tags: clexfic

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