tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Michael and Tom and a shark

Happy birthdays to gildinwen and eternal_moonie ! Hope you've both enjoyed your days!

We're supposed to be noticing the Star Wars sheets here but I'm distracted by the pecs...
 photo mr5_zps0f9803cf.jpg

Michael with his brother & grandparents...is that a Lex drawing on the wall behind him? Whenever Michael tweets about being single, he gets proposals in response!
 photo mr2_zps06cd8885.jpg

(And not only from women. This gentleman speaks the truth!)
 photo mr1_zps4ec5b78e.jpg

Irv had a birthday too - he just turned six!
 photo MRIrv_zpsd5d40fb7.jpg

On a tiny sled.
 photo mr3_zps9e539780.png

Bryan Moss is working with Tom on "The Choice" and has done a great service by posting this picture: RRROWWWRRRR!
 photo tw1_zps54da2632.jpg

I was needing a little decompression time last week so I went to the aquarium. It's crazy-busy most of the time but I managed to catch a 30 minute lull in the long tunnel under the tank, just me & the fish!
 photo Nov012_zps5047a144.jpg
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