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Tom at Michael's Party? - tasabian [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tom at Michael's Party? [Dec. 11th, 2014|10:25 pm]
Happy Birthday sexyclex! Hope it was a good day!

Michael was interviewed on a podcast on Tuesday and was his usual effervescent self. His new show "Impastor" films in March-April & premieres in June. My favourite quote from him this time was about how he had to learn to like cats, because he's allergic to them but has come to appreciate what "delicate little faces" they have.

He ended the interview by saying he had to go to his tree decorating party and then posted a group photo with looks very much Tom Welling in the back row...

Far left, back row, hat.
 photo mrtw2_zps2443270b.jpg

Another angle of the same pic from a friend of Michael's.
 photo mrtw_zps1dc09f5c.jpg

All credit goes to a sharp-eyed tariel22 for spotting him, and I do think it's him. Even though neither photo is great, that looks like Tom's bone structure and "do I have to be in this picture?" body language. And how cute is it that they hang out together?!

A fan sent Michael a set of SV dolls and I love how he's lined the two Clarks and two Lexes in the front row with everyone else at the back, lol.
 photo mr6_zps3a685e28.jpg

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2014-12-12 06:50 pm (UTC)
Michael and Tom hanging out together makes me so happy! *draws hearts around them*
I love that they've reconnected this year! Michael has always been fond of him. At Cons, the order of SV shout-outs always goes: 1) Tom 2) John G 3) Steve Oben

And hopefully this means loads more pics of the two of them if Tom has joined his regular crew!

I hope one topic of conversation was a guest role on Impastor for Tom!
Michael did talk about doing a "funny or die" sketch with Tom earlier this year...and even in BITD, he slipped in a SV shout-out (There's a character called Mark and Michael's character called him "Clark", then corrected himself!)

Michael's podcast interview was such a treat. 90 minutes long and with video to boot! I loved his improvised songs and the phone message from his grandmother, too funny.
He's close with Sarah C but I don't think he knew the co-hosts well...I always find it interesting, when he does a podcast with guys he doesn't know, how he'll start out BIG and a little crude, but then as he relaxes, the sweetness comes out, along with tips on caring for a bunny and voicemails from grandma!

I can't wait to see Impastor, and I'm thankful for the immediacy of television production.
I was intrigued he compared it to Northern Exposure - that sounds promising!
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