tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

New Michael pics!

The long cold winter continues...but this little ray of sunshine went to Sundance to play charity hockey this weekend! He also sang with an '80's legend and befriended a boy band!
 photo 462326468_zps1d1e9e81.jpg

At the Echoes of Hope fundraiser. Love the caption:
 photo M3_zpsb5315471.jpg

Smouldering with Ms Taylor Dayne!
 photo M2_zps9963372b.jpg

I had never heard of R5 before but they have a big following. As soon as they tagged Michael in a tweet, he was copied in a bajillion tweets from smitten fans!
 photo B8LVcZACIAAvcxvjpglarge_zpsced4d83f.jpg

Flashback photo!
 photo m1_zps3a663528.jpg

Chicago 2013: Plotting to take over the world with Allison.
 photo 176228561_zps56e01424.jpg

Enjoying a lollipop at a Star Trek themed birthday party.
 photo 457847158_zpsdd674824.jpg

And lastly: all respect to Miss Colombia, but how did Miss Canada NOT win Miss Universe with this outfit? C'mon, she's got a scoreboard on her head!
 photo rb5vf7T_zps74c3ffe7.jpg
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