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Preview for Michael's new show! [Feb. 7th, 2015|06:38 pm]
The preview for Michael's new show is up!


 photo imp5_zps4253f5aa.jpg

 photo imp2_zps65ac2d3b.jpg

Hello my old friend, Vancouver Alley #3
 photo imp1_zps97cae577.jpg

Y'know, in a lot of his recent projects, Michael has played the Other Guy. Lana leaves Lex for Clark. (Of course, Clark doesn't leave but also doesn't put out.) In Hit & Run, Kristen Bell leaves him for Dax. In Kickin' it Old Skool, he loses the girl. In my beloved "Breakin' In", his girlfriend starts falling for the other guy. Even in the movie he wrote and directed, he doesn't get the girl! Now, finally, he's got a role where three ladies and a dude are all chasing after HIM! Sara Rue's about to check out his ass here.
 photo imp3_zpsea896b7f.jpg

Both these two want him. Russell, I'm rooting hard for you.
 photo imp6_zps84521411.jpg

I also like that the fact that the pastor he's impersonating is gay doesn't seem to be a big deal to Buddy, he just goes with it.
 photo imp4_zpsb7d8fe58.jpg

Now Michael, invite all your old SV friends onto the show and make out with them! Tom first, please.

[User Picture]From: complicat
2015-02-08 02:22 pm (UTC)
It is good to see him as the object of desire for once rather than as the Other Guy. He's looking damn good as well!

I suspect I'll have to seek out other means to watch it here as I don't think any TV Land original shows have been shown here yet. Shame - there's a couple of channels here which I reckon it would be suitable for!
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[User Picture]From: tasabian
2015-02-08 06:38 pm (UTC)
It is good to see him as the object of desire for once rather than as the Other Guy.
Long overdue! And he looks delectable - lots of cute outfits in the preview alone.

The network, TVland, is trying to broaden its programming so I hope that leads to more international sales.
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