tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Michael does things and goes places!

Michael's new show Impastor starts filming in Vancouver on Monday! *excited* And in the meantime, since we haven't had many new pics lately, I went trawling on instagram.

Super-excited to be eating at Olive Garden. His friends, less so. (pic: froggystyle)
 photo mr3_zpsttuaet3n.jpg

Manly wristbands at the Bob Seger concert (pic stacyolo)
 photo mr2_zpscfm29na1.jpg

Reunion with Best Friend Chris. Aw. I miss the days when those two were inseparable. I remember a blogger posting that she had seen Chris and was astonished to see him without Michael. But then, three seconds later, Michael came loping over. (pic stacyolo)
 photo Mr1_zpsbrkp6zfm.jpg

Very intense at Billy Idol concert. (pic stacyolo)
 photo mr4_zpscc3gxjpa.jpg
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