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New Michael pics & clips

Happy Birthday acampbell! Hope it was nice.

This past week has passed in a virus fog. One nice thing happened last week: as I was making my way along the train platform, a woman came running after me "YOUR UMBRELLA! YOUR UMBRELLA!" I looked down at the umbrella I was already holding and then another woman came running up "That's MY umbrella!" Somehow the Good Samaritan, while trying to return the umbrella to its rightful owner, had actually stolen it from its rightful owner (who was quite annoyed.)

tariel22 found some new clips from Michael's show Impastor!

 photo Imp1_zpsdnjsn24p.jpg

Serious face.
 photo imp2_zpsvaj9pg0g.jpg
Little peek of chest hair...not waxing for this role :)
 photo imp3_zpszzmzlcqp.jpg
Yummy neck.
 photo imp4_zpstfem6t0a.jpg
Michael's been posting pics from the set.
 photo CDEeIxlUEAAUrNa_zpsijsjipom.jpg
Sexy sprawl. I want him to wear that moose sweater.
 photo CCC-XmAWYAAu4v4_zpsbg54r5hm.jpg
With Mike Kosinski, who plays Russell & his onscreen parents.
 photo CC48S2rUUAE8xmY_zpsw1ceu26c.jpg
Hanging out in Vancouver with Morena Baccarin (currently on Gotham!)
 photo CC_MCjMW8AApkpM_zps8e6izrkz.jpg
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