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Impastor 'caps: Episode 2

Two episodes into Impastor and a little fandom seems to be building! More tweets this week, more fans popping up. Fingers crossed it's enough to snag a second season. The Offended Religious Contingent seems to have gone away entirely or watched an episode and realized they were fussing over nothing. In a recent interview, Michael mentioned how Impastor came about: that family sitcom he was cast in that never went beyond pilot stage in 2009 - the writer remembered him, wanted to build a show around him & 6 years later, it happened. (My theory: writer fell in love instantly, has been writing MR fanfic ever since and turned some of that fanfic into a pilot: a man after my own heart.)

 photo imp34_zpswla4akbs.jpg

They seem to understand how to sell this show. (Arms.)
 photo imp29_zps3zgsgoni.jpg

Serious moment, in the rain.
 photo imp32_zpsmywu8un9.jpg

Two comedy veterans: Sara Rue, who has her own healthy fan following and the man best known to me as Sledge Hammer!
 photo imp36_zpsqigydjb9.jpg

The two deeply weird cops pursuing Michael's character Buddy, one of whom I gather is known and loved from Sanctuary?
 photo imp37_zpsshxj49i1.jpg

Two of Buddy's love interests, pining prettily.
 photo imp43_zpsajtdismd.jpg

Buddy disguises himself to attend his own funeral - with a baseball cap. Pretty. Not a genius.
 photo imp39_zpshsvybisy.jpg

The most quoted line last week: "Dude on dude action - it's the best!"
 photo imp35_zpslopbl1bm.jpg

So happy to have this face back on my TV again.
 photo imp44_zpswhl8pdie.jpg
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