tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Impastor Episode #5; I saw a snake!

Impastor continues to be the best eye candy ever!
 photo imp27_zps0w7omjby.jpg

This is like a fanfic writer's dream...
 photo imp26_zpsr2lbelys.jpg

Little bit of gropin'
 photo imp28_zpsqmpgd8e1.jpg

This dude is a bad guy but the stare-off is kinda hot.
 photo imp29_zpsjq2auuqt.jpg

I can't stop 'capping this show.
 photo Imp22_zpswuoo9q3t.jpg

Because there's too much beauty.
 photo imp17_zpsieibyr0v.jpg

Sara Rue and Michael have nice chemistry.
 photo imp5_zpsyk4ilezq.jpg

 photo imp20_zpseewe4r4o.jpg

Buddy is actually starting to look after his congregants, just like a real pastor.
 photo ImpPrev4_zpsnigq2bqs.jpg

He did a little Walken impersonation here!
 photo imp11_zpsvn96weer.jpg

Went canoeing this past weekend! If you don't like snakes, scroll no further!
 photo river1_zps6jtjirkf.jpg

 photo river4_zpsmgtav8u4.jpg

If you look closely between ducks 1 & 2, there is a turtle.
 photo river2_zpsro5cwu01.jpg

Tip toe through the cat tails!
 photo river3_zpssew1bqj9.jpg

And here's the snake! He's a cute little garter snake, completely harmless.
 photo snake1_zpsyjxfm7mh.jpg
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