tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Impastor 'caps: Episode 7

Happy Birthdays to gyri and itsaslashything!

I think I remember this hoodie from DragonCon 2011!
 photo imp30_zpszja7rgsm.jpg

We get a glimpse of bum. (I'm not objectifying - before the episode, Michael tweeted to watch for his ass!)
 photo imp31_zpsy7vaiztt.jpg

Legs are quite nice too:
 photo imp21_zpszfsmh7sz.jpg

And there's some cute outfits:
 photo imp12_zpsy0mu4u33.jpg
 photo imp23_zpslqgcmaww.jpg
 photo imp24_zpse6tna2pi.jpg
Buddy is frequently on the defensive this episode:
 photo Imp11_zpsknwwe6xc.jpg
 photo imp34_zpseuttoynw.jpg
Yep, he's dressed as Martin Luther:
 photo imp35_zpsvnilybsw.jpg
 photo Imp32_zpsno2xf1o0.jpg
Another cute scene was Russell singing his song about choir robes while the women bopped along.
 photo imp19_zpsqxuxsgnc.jpg
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