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Impastor renewed! Episode 8 caps.

Season 2 is a go! Michael has been cutely excited on twitter and periscope. Since he's the lead, I think he felt more of a sense of responsibility for the show's success or failure and worked SO HARD to build an audience. And he succeeded - the Impastor tag is a much more crowded place than it was in June, thanks to Michael's efforts and the cast livetweeting. The Impastor social media person has also done a great job.

I loved this week's episode. And it started off with Pretty:
 photo imp25_zpsbldahaxl.jpg

Let's have a closer look at the arm...
 photo imp24_zpskrhqeipz.jpg

Russell is over being bossed about by Alden. (I mostly post MR caps but man, the entire cast is acing it!)
 photo imp27_zpsblck1vy1.jpg
 photo imp28_zpshff0lxr0.jpg
Lindsy Gort, who plays Buddy's sex worker friend Ashlee, is imbuing her with interesting layers. I can forsee Ashlee running the town in S2...
 photo imp29_zpsfrekzeoh.jpg
I've known David Rasche was a comedy genius since I was a kid watching Sledge Hammer! He makes Alden likable.
 photo imp34_zpstrbvsixt.jpg
Buddy & Dora are getting closer and Sara Rue is a great comedic match for Michael. (Loved her bingo mantra!)
 photo imp33_zps7gjgwrgh.jpg
 photo imp36_zpsg5shmfvz.jpg
"Suck it Alberta!"
 photo imp37_zpsv9digj39.jpg
This exchange was the funniest in the episode, I thought. (That's the cousin of Michael's friend Chris playing "Earl."
 photo imp40_zpscc7adw2j.jpg
 photo imp39_zpsua6xruff.jpg
He's too cute in that uniform!
 photo imp42_zpsoyrdtmkz.jpg
It was a SV reunion! That's Michael's SV stand-in Troy playing "Fenwick"
 photo imp41_zpslgicxydu.jpg
Hey in S2 what about another SV reunion so Tom can come on & make out with Pastor Buddy, why not?
 photo imp45_zpstgkjjobx.jpg
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