tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Impastor Episode 9 caps.

Before we get to Impastor, a shot of Michael, er, feeling himself up on the set of BITD:
 photo BItd3_zpslxvfdmvk.jpg

Panicked Buddy face:
 photo imp3_zpsplr7rs3n.jpg

Bum glimpse! (I'd feel guilty about capping this except Michael always announces on twitter when his bum makes an appearance.)
 photo imp1_zpsuy5orhj5.jpg

Buddy's poker face isn't great:
 photo imp6_zpsvuaj9u1a.jpg
Some Russell flirting:
 photo imp13_zps8kvqlpzt.jpg

 photo imp14_zpsxch5qoyx.jpg

Dream sequence with Alexa...
 photo imp27_zpsvr1ra7o9.jpg

Followed by a "real" scene:
 photo imp18_zpsvj9x6mcw.jpg

Loved Michael playing this as awkward & shy.
 photo imp19_zpsgpewcazz.jpg

Movie watching with Dora:
 photo imp16_zpsvjd5fomm.jpg

Sad there's just one episode left...but at least there's S2!
 photo imp22_zpsgk2qhppd.jpg
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