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Michael & Tom update! - tasabian — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Michael & Tom update! [Oct. 9th, 2015|07:16 pm]
Happy birthday cinderella81! Yay for Friday birthdays - hope it's a good one.

Michael just finished filming a movie called "The Last Days of Summer" with William Fichtner. I hope this photo accurately represents his costume in the film.
 photo Summer_zpsj7cnmovn.jpg

Tom also has a new movie out in early 2016. I watched the preview. Tom looks beautiful; improbably he's playing the "other man." This is actually a good thing as the leading man was so annoying in the preview, I was talking back to the screen and got briefly excited when Tom punches him (a dainty biff of a punch compared to what we're used to on Smallville.) The leading lady is also annoying. Tom's broad chest that I yearn to fling myself against? Never annoying!
 photo Tom3_zpsywydp2dx.jpg

Preview is here, if you're in the mood for cheese:

Transcendent beauty!
 photo Tom2_zpsrbygzc9i.jpg

This leads to a faint hope that Dr Tom and Annoying Leading Man will patch up differences in bed but alas, I suspect not.
 photo Tom1_zpsep2k39gt.jpg

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2015-10-10 04:42 am (UTC)
Gabby seems like an idjit - if they're aiming for a primarily female audience, you'd think the key would be to write a character women can recognize.

I myself would always pick Marsden. (Never saw the movie, but just on principle.)

Incidentally, I found a plot synopsis for "Last Day of Summer" - Michael plays an alcoholic & abusive husband :( I'm sure he enjoyed the role & working with Fichtner...but I'm so glad he broke out of that "jerk" mold with Impastor.
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[User Picture]From: tariel22
2015-10-10 05:47 am (UTC)
That's what I honestly don't get about the legions of Sparks fans. His female characters make me seriously question where his perception of how women think and feel comes from, but obviously there are many, many others who relate to them in a way I can't even imagine.

BTW, going back to your comment about not being able to tell if the leads are good actors, the first thing I ever saw Taylor Schilling in was a Sparks movie, and I remember thinking she was a horrible actress. It wasn't until I saw her in OitNB that I realized it was the script that was so bad.

I'm sure Michael will be utterly convincing in the role, but I have so enjoyed watching him be the guy we all root for on Impastor, as Buddy's inherent sweetness increasingly wins out over the questionable behavior and bad decisions that have always guaranteed his survival in the past.
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