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From Pillar to Post; Tom at Michael's party - tasabian — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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From Pillar to Post; Tom at Michael's party [Dec. 13th, 2015|06:22 pm]
My Dad had hip surgery on November 9th; it went well so, feeling reassured, I went on my trip to Australia. He was still doing well when I returned, until Thursday night when we got a call that a screw holding the new hip in place had worked its way loose. So Dad had to have a total hip replacement and now, recovery-wise, is back at square one, with weeks to go before he can start physio again.

My parents live 5 hours away from me and between rushing to them and coming & going from Australia, I have logged 3 trains and 7 airplanes in the last 30 days. Which means I have no idea where I am half the time and my patience is gone. There was a very odd guy in front of on the train to my parents'. He was (loudly) on the phone with someone, acting as if he was on a plane instead of a train. "WE'RE GAINING ALTITUDE!" He was an older guy, grey beard, knees rammed against the seat in front of him, seat pushed back as far as it would go and clearly settling in to be loud for the entire journey. Normally I'd try to be patient but this time I asked the attendant if I could switch seats and bless her, she moved me to another car. Going from a train car with a loud nut in it to a train car without a loud nut in it, is like stepping into a divinely warm bath.

Am very grateful to have the happiness of Australia "in the bank", as it were, as it seems like the next few months may be rough.

This is cute: Kristin K slept outside in Vancouver last week to raise funds for homeless youth. One of the sponsors on her page? Michael! Love the Smallville solidarity.

Also cute: Tom went to Michael's Christmas tree decorating party for the second year in the row! Love that this is now a tradition and Tom looks less shy in this year's photo then he did last year. Now, if only, someone would post a photo of just the two of them! (Thanks tariel22 for the link. Photo: stacyolo)
 photo twmr_zpsbp8nfzuf.jpg

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2015-12-14 06:03 pm (UTC)
Michael's tree-decorating parties are becoming more epic by the year! Lovely to see Tom there again.
On facebook he was asked "did you photoshop some of the people in?" And yes, he admitted Harland & Isaiah were added later! I wish one of the guests would be bold & snap a picture of Michael & Tom...fingers crossed one emerges.

You're definitely entitled to a peaceful, hassle-free journey after all that travel!
More train travel next week but I'm ready for a break from airplanes for a while - too much turbulence coming home yesterday!

Hope your dad's recovery goes smoothly.
Thank you - it's frustrating to be back at square one, but what can you do? Just hope this time we see it through to a happy ending.
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