tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Hockey Michael!

Happy Birthday danceswithgary Hope you have a nice day tomorrow.

There was a SPN convention this weekend. I saw via the tag on twitter that a person attending had threatened to "spit on" and "do things" to Misha because of, I guess, shipper wank; the Con allowed her to attend but assigned her a bodyguard who followed her everywhere so that Misha would be safe. Very surreal. Every so often I think a SPN Con might be fun (because I still enjoy the show & cast a lot) but then I read this and think NOPE.

I did buy myself a SPN charity hoodie because the "You Are Not Alone" message resonated after a rather difficult winter. Very warm & cuddly.

This boy is due back in Vancouver for Impastor S2 this week & understandably his friends aren't ready to let him go. (Photo: Shira Scott Astrof)
 photo mr5_zpsgxnryvrp.jpg
And right now he's playing charity hockey...someone on twitter said the mullet wig just came off, so the game is getting serious! (Photos by Pulsed)
 photo mr6_zpsgumhcrqq.jpg
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