tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Michael gets some Smallville cast-mate love!

Michael's back to work on Impastor. Troy R, Michael's old SV pal and stand-in, posted this gorgeous photo of him. And another Smallville pal noticed the photo and liked it....
 photo TR2_zpsjiwc3r3v.jpg

Eric Johnson! #Lexney alert! (EJ is in Vancouver filming, oh dear, the 50 Shades sequel.)
 photo TR2_zpszyshvjgr.jpg

Troy LOVES tweeting about Michael. Little Lex jumped in there too...
 photo TR1_zps9p6hvcxs.jpg

Impastor BTS pic from season 1 - HOT DAMN!
 photo ImpBTS3_zpsfvzbctl2.jpg

Michael's twitter feed has been jammed with these kinds of tweets for the last 4 days.
 photo ZS1_zpskhkywozn.jpg

That's right, accept NO substitutes,
 photo ZS2_zpslixbsk5i.jpg

This photo is tagged "Impastor" so I thought at first it was from the show but no, that's actual toddlers reenacting the crucifixion somewhere in the world. Happy Easter!
 photo impOth1_zps0zo6rak8.jpg

So happy my show is back again!!!
 photo ImpBTS1_zpsipcxdjzj.jpg
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