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Tom & Michael strike a pose [Nov. 16th, 2016|09:29 am]
Happy birthdays to iibnf and lapetite_kiki! Celebrate with some cute new pics of these two. (Tom is selling t-shirts to raise money for St Jude's Hospital.)

 photo mr1_zpsdsjzid3k.jpg
 photo CxRqD_XUAAAx4cg_zps2ion4ohl.jpg

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2016-11-16 04:47 pm (UTC)
How are you liking your boot? I remember what a life changer mine was when I broke my leg.
It gave me some trouble last night but I think it was mostly because PMS was making the foot swell. I had the same problem with cast #3 - felt fine when I was up & hopping around but when lying in the same position too long, starts too hurt. However expect this will improve as days go by.

Tom's strategic positioning of his boarding pass cracks me up.
Such a tease! Hope there's a few more pics to come

Now if we could only get them to do a professional photo shoot together!
That's the dream, always! Would love to see Michael in one of those t-shirts...
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