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Tom & Michael pic post! [Aug. 20th, 2017|09:04 pm]
A new golden Age of Wellingbaum has begun! They're both working, both have exciting new projects on the go and are hanging out together.

Tom's hot profile invites you in...

Michael was just at Dublin Comicon where he was snuggled by two huge GoT dudes.

Former SV producers Al & Miles film "Into the Badlands" in Ireland. Michael visited the set & said he might play a villain next year! (I've not seen the show - anyone have an opinion on it?) Michael also has another show of his own in the works, working again with the Impastor producer. Only hints so far but fingers crossed.

Michael's podcast is going strong. Here he is with upcoming guest Emily Kinney (Walking Dead)

He recently interviewed two members of the band R5. A 13 year old offered some criticism.

An old classmate posted a photo of Michael as a high school student. This very much resembles pics from my high school yearbooks.

Michael has already interviewed Tom, who posted this "Lucifer" set pic on instagram.

Michael left a comment <3

In a recent facebook vid, Michael was asked: “If you were a ghost, who would you haunt?” Michael: “I’d haunt Tom Welling’s house. I’d scare the shit out of him, just go “It’s me, dude! It’s RosenGhost! I fucking scared you, dude! I played another trick on you, brother!”

(Who wouldn't want to haunt Tom?)

This Lucifer promo pic seems to promise sexy fun but add Tom W. to that little bed and it's collapsing. (Not that it wouldn't be worth it...)

[User Picture]From: suzycat
2017-08-21 09:39 am (UTC)
Age is really suiting Welling. And aww at Michael's comment to that kid. It's one thing I really admire about him - he doesn't seem to make excuses and if he screws up he says so. And he's so nice to fans. I've never once heard of him being less than sweet to fans.
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[User Picture]From: tasabian
2017-08-21 04:21 pm (UTC)
Age is really suiting Welling.
Handsome devil!

I've never once heard of him being less than sweet to fans.
He's a sweetheart - I think he understands fans because he's such a big fanboy himself. Recently he met Dick Van Dyke at a Con and was so excited!

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