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Michael, Kristin and Tom [Sep. 3rd, 2017|08:23 pm]
A little round-up on what the Smallville Big Three are up to!

A few weeks ago, Michael went to a convention - not as a guest, but as a fan! It was a Depeche Mode convention and he was in fanboy bliss. His friend, Jay Tando, posted some pics.

Michael with Jay. He's got his lanyard and wristband. Somehow that is so cute to me!

Hanging with fellow fans (and buddy Carl McDowell)

Having a cuddle with famed DJ Richard Blade (photo by Damon Duran)

Adorable in his glasses:

Michael was at Dragoncon this weekend. I like how he is an equal opportunity cuddler: men and women.


Always time for a puppy.

He didn't cuddle John Cusack though. Maybe he tried? (Clare Kramer posted the photo and tagged it "Awkward Family Photo", which seems to be a running theme on her instagram.)

Kristin was at my hometown con this weekend - she's providing a voiceover for a new game. And she also is headlining a Canadian show about a big city lawyer who moves to a small town.

The sharp-eyed folks at Sweet noticed that KK had liked this tweet. Aw, Smallville solidarity!

And speaking of which: this hottie will turn up on Lucifer somewhere around episode 3. And he may be on Michael's podcast this Tuesday, which would make this Tuesday "Wellingbaum Christmas"! Michael's podcast is an hour. An hour of Michael and Tom laughing, and teasing and looking at each other. My body is not ready!

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2017-09-06 11:12 pm (UTC)
I'm sure he loved just being in it, and I'm glad he keeps getting all the work.
There also seems to be a chance of an expanded role in GOTG3, so hoping for that.

He's always been a great fan, which makes him so much fun to be a fan of his.
Yep, always kept that fanboy enthusiasm!
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