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Welcome back to TV, Tommy!

So Tom Welling is back on TV (Lucifer) and look how hot he is!

His character is snarky so if you enjoyed Red!Clark you'll really enjoy Marcus Pierce! His first scene:

Tom with his new cast-mates!

Apt question from twitter.

Preview for next week's episode: Humina! 'Cap by tariel22

Beautiful profile!

Michael weighs in.

Michael was musing on Hallowe'en costumes so I sent him a excerpt from an interview where Tom gave him a shout-out. Delighted with his answer <3

Michael recently appeared on the "Geek Nation" podcast and mentioned Tom.

On Smallville: "Everyday you look at Tom Welling, seeing him shirtless. "Oh great." And he's seeing me naked and is like, "Oh great, Rosenbaum's naked again." I just had him on the podcast and we were talking about old times."

On Kristin: "Kristin Kreuk just emailed me the other day and was like "I haven't talked to you forever, I'm in Toronto, and I miss you and I hope you're well!"

And in closing, a few Michael 'caps: smiley & nipply.

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