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Wellingbaum Lovefest Continues! [Nov. 7th, 2017|09:26 pm]
On today’s podcast, Michael interviewed the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, Jeanie Buss. They talked quite a bit about Tom!

Michael: “The first time I went (to a Lakers game), didn’t I take Tom Welling?”

Jeanie: “Yeah” (giggles)

Michael: “I know. She’s all googly eyed! You love Tom. Everybody loves Tom Welling. He’s so hunky, isn’t he?”

Jeanie: “Not only that but….then just talking to him, he’s just…”

Michael: “You know how hard it was for 7 years, to be standing next to him? I was this bald, weird-looking guy…”

Jeanie: “You had to be bald!”

Michael: “And I mean, I’m an okay looking guy. but I’m bald next to him, which makes it fucking worse! And all the girls are looking at him and every guest star wanted to bang him, but he was loyal to his wife.”

Later on

Michael: “Tom Welling and I, we always sorta liked each other on the show, but we never ever hung out. Now that the show’s been over, we hang out. We’re going to a Lakers game together!”

Jeanie: “Was there jealousy there?”

Michael: “Well, I was always jealous of his looks. But I helped him, in the first few seasons, ‘cause he was a model, you know, he hadn’t really done a lot of acting. So he asked me for help and we kind of, you know…and he’s just a great guy. A great guy to work with.”

Later on

Michael (to Jeanie): “You invited me to a game and Tom and I went. A security guard came up to us: “Mr. Welling. Mr. Rosenbaum. Shaq would like to see you”…so we went back there and he’s like “Hey man! Hey, Supes. Hey, Lex!

Link: http://themichaelrosenbaum.com/inside-of-you/

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2017-11-08 07:33 pm (UTC)
It's so cute they're seeing more of each other!
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