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Best of Tom & Michael, 2017 - tasabian — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Best of Tom & Michael, 2017 [Jan. 1st, 2018|06:40 pm]
So another year recedes...can't say that 2017 was one of my favourites. There was political upheaval and personal loss, but there were also a few currants in the cake: getting to travel a bit, meeting up with Michael-pals at two conventions, regaining my mobility after last year's broken ankle. And of course there was THIS, ie the GREATEST THING THAT HAPPENED IN 2017:

Tom is amazing on Lucifer. There was an intriguing revelation about his character in the fall finale, which I won't spoil but should lead to interesting developments!


Kristin is producing her own show, "Burden of Proof", which will air on Canadian TV starting on Jan 10. Being the boss = Not a trace of pink in her wardrobe!

KK talked a bit about the Me Too movement. It made me think about the time a guest actress on SV, Katherine Isabelle, recalled a director trying to force KK into a more revealing costume and KK refusing.

I've wondered if KK will eventually address the elephant in the room, ie Allison M and the cult. A poster on reddit claims that AM's mother and sister are also part of the cult, which makes AM being able to extricate herself even more unlikely. If anything, in recent social media posts, AM seems to have doubled down. :(

But on a happier note, my favourite exchange from the best interview of the year!

Tom: "Remember Steve?"
Michael: "Steve! Our gay wardrobe guy! He was like: "Rosenbaum, you are gay except for your dick. Everything about you is fucking gay."
Tom: "He did say that many times."
Michael: "I loved Steve, didn't you?"
Tom: "Mmm-hmmm."
Michael: "How many times did he see you naked?"
Tom: "More than a handful, I'm sure!"
Michael: "I always asked him: "What does Tom look like naked?" He's like: "I'm not telling you anything."
Tom: *laughs*
Michael: "I'm like "You're good. And what do I look like naked?" He's like "Eh."

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2018-01-02 11:44 pm (UTC)
honestly it did always sound like a *lot* of the men who worked on SV were drooling over her, and it was really inappropriate considering that she was only a teenager when she started on that show.
The commentaries of S1, the producers slavering over her, is hard to listen to. All the other actors, they praise their talent, their energy: with KK, it's just her beauty, repeatedly.

I remember there being a lot of talk too about some photo shoot that she was set up for early in season 1, and she ended up in tears over the revealing clothing that she felt pushed into accepting because she was too intimidated to just call the shoot off altogether
Yeah, that's a bummer of a story and all too common, I expect. With her new show, she gets to pick her own wardrobe and looks great in the previews!
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