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A good week for Tom & Michael fans! [Jan. 29th, 2018|06:49 pm]
Michael's new film with William Fichtner was released this weekend (in theatres & on itunes)!

Tom is on Lucifer tonight, in what appears to be a slashy dream of an episode! Tom & Tom invite you in.

So, not to spoil it completely for fans who haven't seen all of S3...Tom's character has discovered he has something in common with Lucifer. Look how cute they are! All 'caps via tariel22

*Throws self at Tom's massive wall of a chest*

In tonight's ep, Luci & Tom's character go undercover as a married couple! Yes, the glorious fanfic trope.

while Luci is canonically bi, Tom's character is a grumpy immortal, hence not being as enthusiastic here. But maybe Luci can warm him up! And I'll take my Tom-kisses anyway I can get them!

Meanwhile Michael is starring in an artsy thriller "The Neighbor", with legendary character actor William Fichtner.

He is NOT playing a good guy and the film is dark, but good. Beautifully filmed.

Hello gorgeous face.

Open shirt. Yum.

The Neighbor in the title is a voyeur. Let's take a peek at this bathing beauty.

Getting some admiring glances from another cutie.


The film is dark and may be triggering re. domestic violence issues. But the young director is great - builds up a tense atmosphere. This is the second time he's cast Michael so hopefully they work together again!

And if this isn't sufficient excitement, the boys are finally doing a Con together this spring!

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2018-02-01 02:29 am (UTC)
The kiss didn't disappoint either. hee! ♥
Luci really went for it, bless him!

Tom & Tom play so well off each other and have such great chemistry.
And a new 'ship was born! Next week's episode looks like a lot of fun too.

Michael looks so pretty in those pics. There's so many of his movies that I haven't watched though because I'm not a thriller/suspense/scary movie person.
This is more of an intense drama, but it does get a little grim. Great performances though!
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