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Tom Shows off his Arm [Feb. 11th, 2018|06:52 pm]
No new episode of Lucifer this week - but last week's episode was a good 'un!

Cain may be a grumpy immortal but his eyes are soulful & pretty.

That's right, Luci, manhandle him. Yes.

A brief tiff. "I will never understand you!"

Looking like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth...

But are we plotting? Yes, we are.

Cain finally meets Amenadiel & shows a very different demeanor than he does to Luci.

An impressive fight is about to happen.

This is a fun role for Tom because he's playing a master manipulator. Can't wait to see what Cain is plotting!

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2018-02-21 12:12 am (UTC)
I loved Tom in this episode! So different with the two brothers, as he showed us just how manipulative Cain can be, and an utter delight with Amenadiel.
Such a sexy troublemaker, setting the brothers at odds with each other! (Maybe that's his long term plan, to try and get one brother to kill the other?)

There's something about his neck in that first scene that keeps drawing my eye (and my imagination). He's not wearing his usual necklace, and I welcome the absence of its distraction!
The less Tom wears the better is always my motto!

The showrunner said he won't be in next Monday's episode (the excuse is that Cain needed extra time to heal from his big fight), but he should be back the week after.
I'm grumpy I can't watch live on March 6 because I have a work thing but very much looking forward to sexy new developments!
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