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Allison sadness & Wellingbaum Joy - tasabian — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Allison sadness & Wellingbaum Joy [Apr. 22nd, 2018|09:45 pm]
Allison is in jail in New York, a sad ending to the long cult saga.

Among the details to leak out was that the cult leader ordered the women to consume only a tiny amount of food, 500 calories a day, and jog for hours every day. This was partly to ensure the women matched his preferred body type, but surely also partly to break down their mental resistance. A person can't think straight eating that little, the brain needs nutrients as well as the body. Allison followed this regimen for years and I have no doubt it helped warp her thinking.

She is a victim but also a perpetrator of the abuse. Jail is what she deserves, but also perhaps what she needs to finally break away from the leader's control.

In much happier news, Michael and Tom are on a convention tour in Australia and the result has been extreme cuteness!

Firstly: Two Very Important Videos in which Michael interrupts Tom's interviews by putting his hands all over Tom's remarkably broad shoulders and chest:



Michael cuddles a vendor at the Con.

Remember how we would go YEARS without getting a photo of the guys together?

They have a week in Australia before the next convention, which hopefully means more sightseeing shots!

Love the costumes on these ladies!

They wore these same shirts in DC, LOL. No complaints - they are beautiful (& the fan is lovely as well.)

Not sure who the "Wombat Crossing" folks are but admire their aesthetic!

Hopefully many more great Australian pics to come!

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2018-04-27 11:54 pm (UTC)
I understood what you meant, that the focus has been on Allison, rather than the actual cult leader (who is the most guilty and most dangerous.)

I’m not comfortable with the discussions I’m coming across on places like Reddit and ONTD where nearly everyone seems to be acting like she’s a co-conspirer who was scheming and working alongside Keith Raniere, as opposed to being one of his many brainwashed victims who was suffering from the same prolonged sleep deprivation and malnutrition that all of the women were put under in order to make them easier to control.
I think she's getting talked about more than KR simply because she's famous and he wasn't, and she played a character that so many people loved that there's this sense of betrayal. But she is also a victim, no question.

I wonder what cast members like John Glover and Cassidy Freeman are making of it all when they seemed particularly close with Allison
You probably saw the poster at ONTD who said Allison went to John's play just a few days before her arrest...must have been shocking for John to see her in her current state. When I saw AM at a con panel a few years ago, she said that John was the SV cast member she was closest to (this would have been after her break with KK) He may have tried to help her but JG is also 73 years old...it would be hard for him to deprogram her especially if her own family were on board with the cult.
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