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Happy Birthday Tom! What did Michael give him? - tasabian [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Happy Birthday Tom! What did Michael give him? [Apr. 26th, 2018|09:41 pm]
Tom celebrated his 41st birthday on the Gold Coast of Australia. Michael took him out to dinner. Tom's fiancee Jessica thanked Michael for looking after him:

tariel22 found a nice photo of the boys at Tom's birthday dinner!

This is what Tom woke up to this morning, gifted by Michael on twitter & instagram. What I love about this photo (apart from the obvious) is that he put the effort in! It is art directed, those are carefully ripped undies to frame his bum just so.

Michael's caption:

This gentleman works in Melbourne so it probably was Michael! What did he buy? A birthday gift for Tom?

The Wellngbaum Lovefest Down Under continues with a Gold Coast convention this weekend! Back when we got (if lucky) one photo of the guys together A YEAR, who could have dreamed such a bounty awaited us?

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2018-04-29 03:51 pm (UTC)
That is indeed the main question and I very much hope your answer is correct!
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