tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Tom & Michael in Australia, part 3!

The week of cuteness finished up today - but what a week it was! As if they couldn't be more adorable, Michael and Tom got into a Tim-Tam war with John Barrowman (Tim-Tam is a type of biscuit!)

Tom's heart eyes! ♥

Here's John Barrowman declaring the Biscuit War (with a cameo from Tom)


And Michael being excited about a pile of Tim-Tams, with Tom:


Tom made it clear whose team he was on!

The guys did lots of great photo ops! Here, Tom doesn't understand prom pics...

Michael has his Lex-face on.

Love this lady's costume! So did John Glover - he liked the pic!

Usually Michael's the excitable one & Tom is calm...they swapped roles here!


I like Tom's t-shirt.

Michael on a day out!

Supes meets Cap!

Will we ever find out who took Michael's "arty" pic? Tom disclaims responsibility, lol!

This isn't from Australia but too cute not to include: Michael snuggles Isaiah Mustafa

Tom & Michael's next joint convention appearance is in Salt Lake City, 2nd weekend in September!

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