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Tom & Michael in Australia, part 3! [Apr. 30th, 2018|09:25 pm]
The week of cuteness finished up today - but what a week it was! As if they couldn't be more adorable, Michael and Tom got into a Tim-Tam war with John Barrowman (Tim-Tam is a type of biscuit!)

Tom's heart eyes! ♥

Here's John Barrowman declaring the Biscuit War (with a cameo from Tom)


And Michael being excited about a pile of Tim-Tams, with Tom:


Tom made it clear whose team he was on!

The guys did lots of great photo ops! Here, Tom doesn't understand prom pics...

Michael has his Lex-face on.

Love this lady's costume! So did John Glover - he liked the pic!

Usually Michael's the excitable one & Tom is calm...they swapped roles here!


I like Tom's t-shirt.

Michael on a day out!

Supes meets Cap!

Will we ever find out who took Michael's "arty" pic? Tom disclaims responsibility, lol!

This isn't from Australia but too cute not to include: Michael snuggles Isaiah Mustafa

Tom & Michael's next joint convention appearance is in Salt Lake City, 2nd weekend in September!

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2018-05-02 01:49 am (UTC)
I love that Tom is now commenting on Michael's IG - the cuteness continues ♥

I think Tom will miss him when he goes to Motor City on his own. Tom belatedly liking the announcement of Michael joining him for FanX in Salt Lake the day after Supanova ended made me wonder if he is thinking the same thing!
I think Michael will miss Tom too - no one to throw paper at, steal cookies with!
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