tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Justin, Michael, Possessive Tom!

Michael recently interviewed Justin for the podcast & they reminisced about meeting on SV!

Michael: "I remember when you came on the set for the first time."
Justin: "Tell me about it."
Michael: "Well, I was upset."
Justin: "Why?"
Michael: "Well, I already had to deal with a tremendously good-looking guy in Tom Welling. And I had to compete with that. But then you show up and it was just like "Can you get someone average looking?"
Justin: "I think that's the first thing you ever said to me. I introduced myself to you, like "hi, how are you?" And then you're like "Guys, next time can we get somebody average looking?" And then you walked away. And I thought: I like that guy. That guy's great."

(Justin must be enormous because Michael looks petite next to him)

Meanwhile, Michael went hiking with friends and Tom made it crystal clear that he'd been invited too. Of course you were, baby. Claim your man. (Hashtag #possessive)
Tags: #possessive

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