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Michael & Tom: conventions & tennis dates! [Aug. 16th, 2018|09:42 pm]
The lovefest continues! They are off to FOUR conventions in a row and in between are getting together for tennis!

Michael sings a song about the convention circuit and mentions Tom.

Then Tom turns up in the comments.

Remember when we'd go YEARS without a new Wellingbaum photo and now there's fresh beauties every month?!

A couple got engaged in front of Tom at last week's convention - I like how Tom, ever practical, reaches over to take the baby. Meanwhile Michael wanders over, all cute and confused.

Bonus cuteness.

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2018-08-17 11:33 pm (UTC)
I really hope the secret project Tom's director/producer friend Tim says they're cooking up together is a documentary about Tom and Michael's Con adventures this summer. That would be so much fun to see!
That would be wonderful and they would have no shortage of "guest stars" from all their convention buddies! Wonder if Michael still owns the rights to "Saved by Zeroes"? Either a factual or fictionalized version of the Wellingbaum convention tour would be an amazing watch!

Especially enjoyed the photo bombs the boys' proximity to one another at the LA Con afforded, some intentional and others just by chance. Some fans got bonus Michael or Tom in their pics!
I liked the set-up in LA, that they weren't boxed into their booths and could wander over to each other. Michael being drawn over by the sight of Tom with a baby is highly relatable!
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