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The Tom & Michael Road Trip begins!

This past weekend was the first of FOUR convention weekends in a row! My Happy Place is the spot where their arms are touching

Inside: the boys pose with a former SV co-star, a Buffy star, discuss marriage (to each other) and address the Allison thing.

The first night in Chicago, Michael posted an instagram vid, pointing out that he was alone and a loser. (Tongue in cheek - his usual self-deprecatory humour.) Tom jumped in to offer reassurance:

And then Tom posted his own pic, to remind Michael he was not alone ♥:

Their autograph booths were side by side - perfect for photobombing!

Posing with Ian Somerhalder (Adam) He was a Grumpy Gus on SV but time heals all wounds. A commenter said it looks like Michael's two Dads are seeing him off to school! He does look extra young here - I think it's having a bag slung over the shoulder.

Charisma Carpenter would make a good Lois, wouldn't she? Now I want this!

Michael was also making friends.

Panel time! Michael visits the camera guy.

My friend Rene23 (who LJ old-timers will remember as Serenography) attended the panel. Here she describes Michael addressing the Allison issue: "I thought it was so great that they started things off by addressing asking questions about the elephant in the room (MR's exact words). He basically said, they don't want questions about it. They had a great working relationship for years and that's all they know."

Incredible pics by Rene23 (from her twitter)

The panel moderator posted some pics too!

A great question & answer!

Convention over, Michael heads home! And how sweet that Tom uses Michael's post to thank fans.♥
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