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Tom & Michael at DragonCon

Their cross-country lovefest continues!

Fan: “What was Clark’s best relationship on the show?”
Tom: “Lex Luthor.”

From last weekend's convention: Michael enters shirtless and jumps on Tom. As it should be.

Tom: “With Lana & Lois, that’s all fun but when you look at the grand arc of the show, obviously the Lex character had the most effect on the trajectory of Clark.”

Young fan: “Why do you think Lex Luthor turned bad?”
Michael: “I’ll let the guy who caused it tell you!”
Tom: “I think it was due to a lack of understanding. Communication. Lex had some pressures. It wasn’t easy being Lex. He was always trying to do the right thing.”

Michael: “Do you want to sing while we’re here today?”
Tom: “Nope!”
Michael: “What song would you sing? Right now.”
Tom: “Probably something from Journey.”

Tom: “We became very fast friends on the show – it was built out of respect and mutual motivation for the show.”
Michael: “Fast friends?”
Tom (firmly): “Fast friends. Like we kinda just had that moment. I remember looking you in the eye. “Alright! Let’s make this work.”
Michael: “Yeah we did have that moment. I think it was when you gave me CPR, by the water.”

Michael: “Remember how Jensen and I had to be shirtless in that dungeon?”
Tom: “Remember how Jensen played my coach?!”
Michael: “He’s the same age. (Coach voice) Hey, you got more hair on your balls than I do son!”

Tom: “The crystals always looked kinda phallic…”

On touching other actors in scenes.
Michael: “You started doing it a bit.”
Tom: “I would always, like, do it below frame.”
Michael: “Yes, you would.”
Tom: “We’d have these scenes where he’d come in & we’d talk & all of a sudden, Michael would put his hand…it works. There’s a lot of trust, it’s fine.”
Michael: “I’m not going to go lower than I should.”
Fan: “In the hot barn!”
Michael: “in the hot barn. The steamy barn.”

Tom: “I do think Michael should play Batman. That would be awesome.”

Tom notes that in Smallville, no one ever knocks.
Tom: “I’d be in the barn, opening up this thing, pulling out this thing, don’t know even what it is-“
Michael: “HI CLARK! How are you?”
Tom: “I’ve got superhearing!”

Fan asks about Michael’s podcast
Tom: “I’ll answer that question!”
Michael: *drops mic*
Tom: “The thing about Michael, because of the trust we have in our relationship, I felt very safe to say things I would probably never say anywhere else. He just has that energy and I felt safe.”

Fan asks why Tom decided 2018 was the time to start doing Cons.
Michael: *points to himself*
Tom: “The first reason is because of this guy. Michael’s been going to these events for years…you see your fans, people who’re responsible for you being able to do what you want to do.”

Fan asks for advice for their characters
Tom (to Michael): "Don’t drive your Porsche so fast!"

Panel video here:
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