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Tom & Michael: The Third Weekend

Michael & Tom visited two conventions this past weekend, in Salt Lake City and Portland. Five years ago, if you were to tell me "There will come a time when you can barely keep up with all the Michael/Tom content", I would not have believed it! Just this weekend alone, there was hand-holding...and puppies....and declarations of love...let's start with the hand-holding!

Thanks to tariel22 for bringing this excellent op to my attention!

First up: This little exchange is from DragonCon last week.

Michael: “I love being directed by you, Tom. It’s fun.”
Tom: “Yes.”
Michael: “It was a good time.”
Tom: “Thank you.”
Michael: “I feel like you made me do things more than I wanted to, though.”
Tom: “Yeah!”
Michael: “Hey Rosenbaum, take your shirt off!” “Why? It’s winter. It’s cold outside.”
Tom: “We’re not even on set!”
Michael: “Why am I in your trailer? This is weird, man….But I’ll do it!”

After DragonCon, the guys headed home for three days. Was that too long a separation for Tom, LOL? Here he is, all over Michael's instagram weighing in on what Michael's band should be called:

Tom got some love himself. Note Michael's caption:

During their panel, Michael did this:

Fan: “My question’s for Michael.”
Tom: “Michael, Michael, Michael!”

Fan: “How did being on Smallville change your life?”
Tom: “It opened a lot of opportunities to do other things, elevated quality of life, that’s for sure. Hopefully I learned a couple of things along the way and I got to meet Michael, that was really good.”

Tom (to fan): “What was your second question?
Michael: “Have you seen me naked?”
Tom: *nods*
Michael: “It’s true. Not by his choice. “Why are you in my trailer naked, Rosenbaum?” “I don’t know, I can’t find the wardrobe guy.”

Michael (on Tom, in Rocky Balboa voice): “It wasn’t easy, looking at him every day. He’s the greatest looking guy in the world. Ain’t nobody better looking than this guy. He’s the best.”

Fan asks if Tom wanted to extend love scenes with KK & ED
Tom: “My answer would be “no”. Those scenes, it takes a lot of trust with the other person & it looks very different from how it is in real life…there’s a lot of weird people ogling…”
Michael: “If you’re in a scene with a goodlooking person, who’s attractive, kisses well, it doesn’t suck. Another take? Great.”
Tom: “Kinda like when Clark saves Lex from his Porsche.”
Michael: “Yeah! Your lips were supple & soft, breath was minty fresh.”

Some fans try & slip out of auditorium…
Michael: “They’ve had enough!”
Tom: “All they wanted to know is how you felt about kissing scenes & now they’re leaving.”

Michael (to Tom): “Did I ever show you the little video I made behind the scenes of Jonathan Kent’s funeral? Steve, the wardrobe guy, falls on his ass on the ice!”

Tom tells story of Michael stopping a snowmobile crashing into a helicopter when they were filming an episode on a glacier: “Rosenbaum’s up, running through 3 ft of snow, he dives onto the snowmobile, hits the brake…saved the helicopter…then we spent the rest of the day with everyone going “I guess Lex Luthor saved the day!”

Panel ended with hugs!

Michael adopted the world's most adorable puppy in Salt Lake City! Tom had a comment:

The boys with their crowd (5000 people!)

Panel video:

Next up: Houston Fandemic next weekend!
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