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More convention fun with Michael & Tom!

As if we hadn't hit maximum cuteness from Michael & Tom, the boys had another amazing panel at a convention, in which Michael nearly ended up in Tom's lap. Here's Michael & his new puppy Blanche to get things started...

Michael & another puppy!

Tom & his puppy (posted by his fiancee Jess)

Michael's puppy Blanche is already up to mischief, which Tom finds amusing:

This Tom comment is sweet.

Michael signed Tom's banner at this weekend's con (next to Tom's right ear)

And Tom signed by Michael's left ear!

At Rose City Comicon, the guys discussed the finale:

Fan: “My question is for Michael.”
Tom: “Always Michael…always Michael.”
Fan asks what it was like returning to Smallville.
Michael: “I was really nervous.”
Tom: “I was actually thinking about this last night – sorry to interrupt.”
Michael: “You were?!”
Tom: “We were in Salt Lake & somebody asked a similar question. For some reason last night, I was thinking “What the hell was Lex doing that whole time?” Like when your character left, where were you?”
Michael: “I don’t know! People would say “We saw the back of your head!”

On returning for finale:

Michael: “I was really nervous because it had been 3 years & it was the series finale & I hadn’t been around. It’s like omigosh, can I do this? When I went on set, Tom gave me a big hug, rubbed my head.”
Tom: “Gently though. ‘Cause the makeup & stuff.”
Michael: “Yeah, gently. And it was a few takes of messing up as usual.”

Tom: “It did feel as though he hadn’t been gone, it felt really right. (teasing) “And it was Michael, to be honest, it was Michael’s decision to come back ‘cause we didn’t really need him.”
Michael: “YES YOU DID.”
Tom: (still teasing) “We could’ve done it without him but Michael insisted so it was like “okay, cool.”

Michael: “I get nervous, man. I still get nervous – everything I do & I don’t understand why.”
Tom: “I think it’s a good thing though, because it wakes you up.”
Michael: “It is, but I have issues, like perfectionism. I want it to be perfect…”
Tom: “Next question!”
Michael: “But nothing can be perfect!”
Tom: “Don’t talk about your issues just yet!”
Michael: “You don’t get nervous?”
Tom: “’Course I get nervous.”

At this point, Michael jumped towards Tom's lap!

Michael: “You got nervous in Draft Day! Remember you were telling me that? You got nervous with Kevin Costner? Tell us about that.”
Tom: “Kevin Costner plays my coach and I’m supposed to go up to him and yell at him. They shot my side first, I got this whole thing down, I know exactly what to do & I got there and I go “Line?”...and I couldn’t remember what I was going to say…Kevin comes up to me & he’s like: “you alright?” and I’m like “yeah man, I’m really sorry, I just wanted to be good and he goes: “Don’t worry. Don’t hold it against me when I forget my lines."

On auditioning for Kevin Costner’s film “The Postman.”
Michael: “It was like “Hey Michael, have a seat on the floor.” I’m like “thank you?” I was down there, trying to be intimate – not intimate with him, the scene was intimate.”
Tom: “I’m jealous.”

Tom on the finale: “It was fun. It was a lot of fun. It was great to see Michael again. It was like seeing your brother.”

On “Onyx”
Michael: “You know why I love that episode? Because I got to play with myself.”
Tom: “I don’t think I saw that episode.”
Michael: “Dude! I split in half & was battling myself the whole episode.”
Tom: “Oh my god!”

Fan asks fave SV relationship:
Tom: “I think it was Michael playing with himself.”
Michael: “Mine was, of course, working with this guy. Clark & Lex dynamic – that’s what the show was.”

Michael (to fan): Did you enjoy seeing Tom Welling without a shirt? Did you ever fantasize about Tom?
Fan: Maybe a little.
Tom: Have you ever fantasized about Lex Luthor?
Fan: Well, absolutely!
Michael (to fan): What’s your favourite thing about Tom Welling? Besides his eyes, his sexy body, his charisma & his character of Clark?
Fan: I like how much crap he gives you!

Michael: “We were talking of taking this on the road. All 50 States, just me and Tom. “An Evening With Tom and Michael.”
Tom (to Michael): “There’s no words for what you do!”

Panel vid! (Michael jumps towards Tom's lap starting at 3.20!)

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