tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Tom and Michael wine!

Because we live in the oddest timeline, where politics are a mess but RPS and Clex fics come true....these two are now vintners!

Lots of pics inside, but we'll start with this one because Tom looks ready to go in for a kiss:

Boys with bottles.

Their faces are on the labels - winery doesn't deliver to Canada, which foils my plan to push two bottles together so it looks like they're kissing.

The design.

Tom, currently at a Con in Brazil, posted a little vid to promote the wine. Michael weighed in:

Tom has seduced the entirety of Brazil, no surprise.

No Brazil for Michael, who's still recovering from his neck surgery. Instead he had John Glover over for a podcast interview!

Tom was excited by the Luthor reunion!

John liked the photo so much he made it his avatar and posted this:

Lucas Luthor pipes up: What about me?

And in conclusion: a bit of hotness from an earlier Con. Yowsa!
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