tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

The Clex Tour continues -with bonus Kristin!

Michael and Tom continue to thrill the con circuit. And this pic thrills ME!

And, I mean....this little video might be the hottest scene they've ever shot!

Kristin joined the boys for two conventions in May - she seemed to enjoy herself!

I approve of Tom's hand placement

Michael made a vid with Kristin as well!

Tom photobombs Kristin

And then Michael:

And then Michael & Gaston

Tom signed Michael's head:

Michael executes the perfectly centered photobomb!

Tom gave Michael a massage!

I approve of this fan-pic and where Tom's fingers are.

And also this one.

Boys with each other's signature bottles

Even Erica got in the fun, popping by Michael's IG to tease.

And in closing, Michael and Blanche.
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