tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Tom "gets inside" Michael

The boys did another podcast together and it is everything you would want it to be!

Tom (to Michael): "I think you're a beautiful wonderful person. You have a big generous heart."


Michael: "We're starting to do these other things, these Smallville Nights, intimate readings and stuff."
Tom: "I'm so excited for that."


Tom (to Michael): "You're a catch! You're a great catch!"


Michael: “We are like old men, in a way….I joined a tennis club up the street. We go swimming, we go in the Jacuzzi, we sauna…”

Tom: “Sauna!”

Michael: “Sauna!”

Tom: “We both say it the same way.”

Michael: “Like Christopher Walken. Ready?”

Tom & Michael: “Sauna!”

Tom: “It’s fun. Michael’s naked. I don’t know why!”

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