tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Happy Birthday, voldything

A little Clexy pic-spam for the Queen of picspams!

"How about a little kiss, Clark?"

"I want him so bad...if I kiss him, I'll explode! What if I hurt him?"

"Fine, Clark. I understand. You're not into it."

"Wait, Lex! Don't go..."

"I can't think of anything but Lex..."

"Who's this lady? You're not Lex! Go away!"

"Something about this is making me think HARD about Lex..."

"Lex has such a pretty mouth..."

"Gotta find Lex! Gotta find Lex! My pants can't take it any more!"

Clark: "Lex, stop wearing clothes! That's totally uncalled for."
Lex: "Clark, wouldn't a bed be more comfortable?"

*One exciting & sweaty night later*

"So Clark, did you enjoy that?"

"Oh, yeah!" *sleeps well for the first time in weeks and has sexy-Lexy dreams*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY voldything!!! I swear I only keep watching SV to appreciate your brilliant picspams!
Tags: birthday, clex
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