tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

The happiness meme requires that I list one thing that made me happy for the next 8 days!

- I had a massage & now I'm all mellow.
- my boss gave everyone chocolates yesterday and I just ate a bunch
- while shovelling the snow was a pain, it looks so lovely outside.
-James Gunn has just posted a new Michael-pic!


I also like this comment by Joseph in the "Peanus" blog:

What can't Rosey do? He can make a great Lex Luther, a great woman, and now a great Charlie Brown. My alma mater, SSU, had a Women and Gender Study instructor who taught "Sorority Boys" in her class. I'm totally not fucking kidding. Students actually learned what it is to be a woman from studying Rosey in a skirt.

I would like to learn about womanhood from Rosey in a skirt!
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