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Smallville Cast Puppy love! [Feb. 22nd, 2009|05:41 pm]
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In celebration of Michael's recent adoption of a German Shepherd pup from a rescue shelter, a pet picspam!

On the S7 commentary, Al Gough mentions "Tom and his fourteen dogs. I think he has an entire kennel now". I would like to see Tom taking a nap in his trailer, surrounded by all his dogs, the Alpha of his pack! Here's a pug getting a lift in Tom's big hand...

Pug #2 needs a lift as well...

But the big guy jumps down all by himself!

Cassidy Freeman has mentioned that she and Allison Mack bonded over dog-walking!

And here's Allison and friend...I believe she has a cat as well.

Michael jokes on the Rosetta commentary about how much Allison's dog sheds....he's about to find out about dog hair first hand!

Here's Kristin with her bulldog, Dublin. It's interesting that she & Michael both took their SV departures as a cue to change their hair and adopt dogs!

Jensen doesn't have his own dog - but since he's been living with Jared, he's been a "dog uncle" to Jared's dogs Harley and Sadie.

Jared told a story at a convention about coming home and finding Jensen asleep with Harley and Sadie snuggled up to him: “their big dog lips pressed against him. My three dogs!” Three? Was he calling Jensen a dog? “That’s D-A-W-Gs, ok? Don’t tell Jensen!”

And here's Michael with his brother, Uncle, a shelter worker and new doggie Irv. I love how Irv is sitting on Michael's foot and I really love that he adopted a shelter dog. Irv's going to have a good life...walks on the beach, snuggles with Michael....hey, I'm envying a puppy!

Justin Hartley has a dog called Gooch and a cat called Gracie. I don't know if this is Gooch in the photo - but I do know I would like to see both Tom and Michael replicate this pose, oh yes please!

Photos from rosenbaumedia, polytikal, TomWellingUnlimited, Allison Mack Online, Girls by Design, BuddyTv

Many thanks to miss_mcelroy for kindly sharing her marvelous Michael/Irv gifs!

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2009-02-23 04:04 am (UTC)
With the amount of time Tom spends on the set, he deserves a comfy trailer. I bet Gough didn't regularly put in 16 hour days.

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