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Happy birthday, tariel22! - tasabian [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Happy birthday, tariel22! [Mar. 27th, 2009|02:58 pm]
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Happy birthday, tariel22! I've enjoyed all your Tom & Clark pic-spams so much! So in tribute to your devotion to Mr. Welling...

(It was hard to choose just ten!)

1) He's funny! At the Asylum Convention last year, Allison Mack said when Tom has a typing scene he types his name over and over TOMTOMTOMTOMTOM.

2) He helps out his co-stars: Let's hear from the ladies! Allison has mentioned that because she has a music background, she tends to make her long pieces of dialogue into a rhythm. She didn't realize this until Tom pointed out that she was messing up her lines because she didn't have her rhythm on it. Erica has reminisced about Tom helping her with the football throwing scene in "Facade". Kristin has said that he made their romantic scenes very comfortable for her. And Laura Vandervoort credited Tom's direction for helping her give a more natural performance in Apocalypse. (At DragonCon, James Marsters and Michael also mentioned Tom's efficiency as a director, and how they were able to finish filming and go home early!)

3) He's got a big heart. Tom and Jamie regularly spend a lot of money on toys for needy children, donating anonymously until Tom was "outed" by a toy store employee. There is also a sweet story to read here:

4) He's self deprecating:
Tom: "You know what? People barely notice me! It's always Michael Rosenbaum who gets the attention. It's that bald head that gets him noticed. Last night we were staying at a hotel and I wanted to show Michael the pool, but it was fenced off and the hotel security guard just wouldn't let me past. Then Michael appears and the guard says: "Oh it's you - cool, go and have a look, but it's because I love your show, ok?"

5) Tom's great with kids! He charmed the babies in Ageless and Apocalypse, and the Cheaper by the Dozen kids adored him. Here's what young co-star, Blake Woodruff had to say: Tom Welling, I think I got along with more than anybody on set, because Tom Welling is just a very normal, nice, and a private man. He's really fun to work with.

Blake was asked: So who would you say was the closest friend you made from the movie?
He answered: "Tom Welling."

6) He takes his craft seriously.
John Glover: “I don’t think Tom had done a great deal of acting before he was cast on Smallville, but he’s turned out to be a truly gifted young man. He watches movies all the time but does so to learn from them. Because most of my scenes last season were with Michael Rosenbaum I’d often walk around the set after I had finished filming just to say hello to everyone. Usually when I saw Tom he’d tell me, ‘I saw this movie and noticed this or that.’ It’s no different this year. He’s working all the time at his craft.

7) He can be naughty! Michael and Jensen have talked about being on the receiving end of Tom's pranks. Tom did a radio interview in 2005 to promote "The Fog" and seemed to enjoy telling this story! of a prank he pulled on Michael:

DJ: How is it working with Michael Rosenbaum on Smallville?

TW: If he wasn't as funny as he is, I'd have killed him by now. He is so funny.

DJ: He seems like a character.

TW: He is definitely a character. He's a great guy. He's great to work with, umm, but he's all over the place, all the time.

DJ: Like, what's the craziest thing he's done on set?

TW: The craziest thing? Well, he's just, he's like a five-year-old. He's always just starting trouble and umm, but we get him every once in a while. The other day he had a close up and he was trying to get out of set real quick and catch a plane out of town to go to some party in Vegas with Jerry Bruckheimer. You know, he lives the high life, Michael. And just as he's going in for his close up, for the last shot, the last thing he's gotta do, he shakes my hand and I'm off camera and I had a whole hand full of vaseline. And I just smeared it all through his hand and up into his arm, and he didn't break and they said cut and then he freaked out.

DJ: Nice!

TW: And he's screamin' out, and so who knows what people thought of him when he got on the plane with a hand full of vaseline. I'm not sure.

(Is this the vaseline handshake? Could be - Tom looks quite pleased with himself!)

8)He doesn't care about celebrity: This can be frustrating at times. (*cough* no interview in years *cough*) But there's a bit of distinction in being the most reclusive leading actor in television history, the Thomas Pynchon of prime time.

9) He's great at sneaking in little comedy moments for Clark!
Too many to list, but one I love is from Devoted: Clark flees from amorous Mandy, takes refuge behind Lois and Chloe and then peeks out from behind his shirt!

10) He inspires the love of awesome fangirls like you!!!!


'caps by acampbell, kryptonsite

[User Picture]From: tariel22
2009-03-27 03:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Whimsy!! *hugs*
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