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Man-hugs and SV Insiders!

christina_kat has posted larger 'caps of Tom and Michael hugging! They really had a tight grip on each other: HOT! Link (I wonder if the guy who posted the Lakers game clips is puzzled that one clip has been viewed ten times as often as all the others!)

Lacroix, the SV insider, has been posting at IMDB again! He hasn't been around for a while but a post blaming Michael for fake!Lex in "Requiem" seems to have prompted him to fire back a long retaliatory comment, which will be interesting to Michael fans! (Lacroix often pops up to defend Michael when fans complain they are "owed" a return of Lex.) He also talks about Sam Witwer's contract, the shock of Jimmy's death and the surprise of Tom's re-signing. Quotes behind the cut...

The crew's surprise at season 9
Well we were kinda surprised it was happening...at least with Tom. We all figured we'd be working on Justice League or something next season.

We share some of the same frustrations as the fans with the show though - like - really, after 8 seasons, he's STILL NOT SUPERMAN?

But hey, everyone's just happy to still have a job ;)


A possible Justice League pilot
There have been rumours flying around, and there was even talk of shooting a JL pilot after we wrapped season 8, but that might have been just a contingency plan in case Tom didn't sign, as the pilot was never filmed.

Michael's reaction to fake!Lex - Lacroix smacks down!:
Michael felt like it was a cheat. He thought that if they kept showing Lex, using body doubles, it would get the fans hopes up that he would be returning, and as he had no intention of returning, that was unfair. He wasn't outraged.

With regards to the bald cap, Michael only offered that up for his making appearance in the series finale. He would be willing to reprise Lex in the last episode of the show, but wouldn't shave his head again for it.

And shaving his head wasn't the worst part of it, he had to endure a very long make-up process every morning, and wore layers or make-up on his head in order to make his hairline disappear - this got in his clothes, he couldn't lay down between scenes if he was tired without wrecking his make-up, anything his head touched got make-up on it. 7 years of that will weigh on anyone. But wearing a bald cap would have been that much worse. You can't really understand if you haven't worn one. They take longer to apply, they're hot (they trap all your body heat under them), they're uncomfortable - they have to be pulled very tight, so they pull at your skin wherever they're attached, which is the worst on the back of the neck. They pucker and wrinkle when you move your head around, and just don't look as real as shaved head - it would be obvious that he was wearing a bald cap - plus, he'd have the same problem with his head being caked in make-up.

As for "doing nothing" prior to Smallville, that's untrue. He was the most well established actor of the younger cast. He had been in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Sweet November, Poolhall Junkies and was one of the leads on the sitcom Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane, as well as a handful of other projects.

One of the reasons he didn't do much during the run of Smallville is, he only had a 2-3 month break during the summer hiatus to do other projects, and when Smallville ended its season, Michael was still bald, which limited his marketability. The rest of the cast could go out and do whatever, but having to shave his head impacted what he could do during his time off. He disliked having to wear a wig, but did for Sorority Boys and Bringing Down the House.

While it may appear like he's done nothing since his work on Smallville ended, Michael has been keeping busy with reinventing himself. He has the ability to be more selective in what roles he takes now, and doesn't want to take the first thing that comes along. There's a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on with him.

And despite your opinion, Michael is a very talented actor. When he has a quality script in a good project, and a good director, Michael is incredible.

I don't think he ever shied away from the fact that he wasn't that interested in doing the show anymore after his contract ended - saying you want to do other things is a pretty clear indication that you're tired of doing the show, and playing the character...and shaving your head.

And for the record - he doesn't like being called "Mike"

(I love that last line!)

Jimmy's death and Aaron's departure
Everyone was surprised about Jimmy's death. Aaron's a great guy, and was well liked by the whole cast and crew.

There's some truth to the DC Comic's thing, as they were never happy that he was a part of Smallville, as they felt he shouldn't be a part of Clark's life yet.

I also think they were running out of stuff to do with Jimmy. He was brought on the show to be Chloe's boyfriend, and when that went kaput, they were kind of struggling to come up with storylines for him.

There may have also been an economic reason. The show's budget was drastically cut last year, and they've probably had to do some streamlining of the cast. I can't say for sure if that was a factor, but stands to reason.


Is Sam Witwer going to stay on the show or is he leaving?
He was contracted for season 9, but can't say with any certainty what the show's plans are for next season, and whether or not they include Sam.
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